Chobits : Chi (Elda) in Pink Dress Action Figure

Chobits : Chi (Elda) in Pink Dress Action Figure
From Chobits anime and manga, this is Chobits : Chi (Elda) in Pink Dress Action Figure . In the hit anime, Chobits, young Hideki finds a humanoid computer that may be more sophisticated than her child-like behavior lets on. Could she be a “Chobit,” one of the Arti ficial Intelligences whose existence is rumored on the Internet? The real question is, do you like the way Chi looks in her pink Elda dress? This 6″ action figure is for the fan who answers “yes”! She comes ready to display in blister card packaging.

Chi (ちぃ, Chii) is a “chobit,” a technologically advanced persocom rumored to possess true sapience, unlike other persocoms. She is found by Hideki one night in a pile of trash as he makes his way home from work. Upon turning her on, she is only able to say the word “chi,” remembers nothing of her past life, and is unable to perform even simple tasks. Because of this, Hideki names her Chi and undertakes teaching her how to function. Because her system cannot be scanned by other persocoms, Minoru Kokubunji suggests she may be one of the legendary chobits. Minoru tells Hideki that Chi needs software to perform common persocom functions such as email, but that he doesn’t know which ones and to wait for Chi to tell you herself. Through the course of the series, Chi learns basic skills, and eventually takes a job to help support Hideki.

While other persocoms are seen performing various computer functions, Chi is seen to do it only once, when she traces Yumi’s location through Yumi’s PDA.

As Chi and Hideki learn more about her, Chi begins to have visions of another persocom who is identical to herself. Hideki (and the audience of the story) eventually learns that this is Freya, her twin, and that Chi was originally called Elda; after Freya fell in love and broke her heart, her memories were downloaded into Chi, before her system stopped. While Ms. Hibiya was telling Hideki about Chi’s earlier life Freya was telling a simpler, less detailed, version of the same story to Chi. The fewer details mean, among other things, that Chi is still unaware at the end of the story that Ms. Hibiya was formerly her mother.

Midway through the story her full name, Chi Motosuwa, can be seen on her pay envelope.

During the series, Chi reads a series of children’s picture books, A City with No People, about a character searching for the “person just for me,” which were written pseudonymously by Chitose Hibiya as a way of reconnecting Chi to her past self as Elda, and to guide Chi’s search for love. At the end of the series, Hideki finally admits that he loves Chi, and is her special person. See details