Pokemon : Tailow Pokeball Flip-out Plush Toy

Pokemon : Tailow Pokeball Flip-out Plush Toy

This is Pokemon : Tailow Pokeball Flip-out Plush Toy (Transform a Pokeball into a Pokemon) (Japanese Import) from anime and manga Pokemon.

  • Pokemon Pokeball Flip-out Plush featuring Tailow
  • Japanese import – Extremely rare, you won’t find it anywhere in US.
  • The series include: Celibe, Mew, Phanpy, Pikachu, Pichu and Tailow (each sold separately)
  • For age 3 and up. No batteries needed. About 5 to 6 inches tall.
  • Easy to play. You can flip the plush figure in or out to transform it from a Pokemon to a Pokeball.

Taillow has the tail of a swallow. Its stomach is mainly white, while up near the neck it begins to turn a red/pink. At the top of the end, there is a small triangle where the red/pink color ends and where it begins to turn blue. The blue looks like hair on the head. Its talons are a creamish color. It also has a blue tail.

Taillow evolves into Swellow once it reaches level 22.

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